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Intel SkyLake.

Displays wih added value pinheader or cable assembly from factory.

10.1 Wall cabinet LCD screen.

Bolymin display approved for future production Read the casestudy.

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Product overview DiBis overview

DiBis Companies10 year

The DiBis companies are always looking for opportunities to materialize our added value. As a result we created our own brand DISvue® and we selected a number of products that are very easy to integrate into a customer system. The term we founded for this is Connect & Create®.

is a brand label product range for mainly LCD and TFT components and solutions, including customized products. In the LCD range, the options are LCD panels (glass only), COB (Chip on Board), COG (Chip on Glass), and board assembly. For the TFT products there are small and medium size components, high brightness, transflective, wide viewing angle, wide temperature. LCD and TFT products feature touch and interfacing options.


products characterize themselves with a certain level of integrated intelligence including dedicated development software (SDK). In case the display kit is connected to a host system, it will either communicate over a serial bus or similar data transmission interconnection. The next level is a solution that can operate either stand alone or as master/slave configuration. The exterior of the units are often an open frame or direct built-in solution. Other options are available upon request.