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  • Germany, November 2016

    Possibly the biggest exhibition in Europe for electronics, together with the CeBIT in Hannover. The show takes place every other year and that is one of the key issues to keep it interesting. Since the continuous fast(er) development of electronics worldwide, both in consumer as in industrial applications, there is enough to see and discover.

    Choosing Munich and Germany in general is only logic. It is quite in the center of Europe, in a country that has the biggest economy in the EU and has such a strong reputation that companies from all over the world are present. Several halls have special “pavilions” for USA, China, Taiwan and more and more India. And let’s not forget the other European countries that have their specific pavilions.

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  • Asia, October 2016

    The Hongkong Electronics Show is one of the largest of it’s kind. It has a full spectrum of electronics and affiliated product groups. The exhibition is located in the Hongkong Exhibition Center in the center of the town, next to one of the harbors.
    The building is accessible via different means of transportation and has easy access when preregistered. This time the visit was planned on a Sunday, not losing much effective time in meeting with a number of suppliers in the greater Shenzhen area.

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  • San Francisco (USA), May 2016

    A visit long overdue was to the beautiful area of California. It was a joint visit to a partner / purchasing office of DiBis in Los Angeles. The owner of the company and the general manager of DiBis go back over 20 years, working together on and off on several projects and products.

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