• Custom and Assembly

    Customized products enable you to determine each detail of the concept. In close co-operation with the manufacturers we can supply solutions that fit the specifications.

    The DiBis-companies are experienced in supporting semi-custom and full custom products with add on components such as cable confection, touchscreens and even pre-installed software.

    Embedded PC products are offered in cost effective small footprint versions as well as high-end main boards. The touchscreen technologies currently available are resistive, (projected) capacitive, surface (acoustic) wave and infra-red.
    All sizes of display can be combined, this will also provide some protection against damage.

  • LCD, COG, 255x128 dots, FSTN pos/white LED, custom design

    Our displays find their way in various applications. In The Netherlands there are several companies that have their focus on coffee vending machines. The customer has had a certain brand for many years, but along the way the found that the displays were failing due to quality issues. That was the point when they wondered about the future of cooperation. Via a mutual acquaintance we were introduced as possible supplier for the machines, a chance we successfully took.

    The first problem we had to fix was the lack of faith the customer had in displays and display suppliers in general. When visiting the customer and checking the needs and wants for the product. From there we opened the tooling process and within a few weeks we supplied first samples. After evaluation we have processed the final version of the datasheet and started mass production. Up until this day the customer has not send us one piece back with failure.