With a number of suppliers in Taiwan, China and the USA a broad line of the highest quality industrial PC systems are available to streamline operation and increase efficiency for a variety of industrial applications.

    The environment of where the system is used, is leading in the configuration selection. Unit may be found indoor or outdoor, in bright ambient light areas, in a vessel or vehicle or more traditionally as a typical ruggedized Man-Machine-Interface. Leading CPU brands and other long term available components result in dependable solutions for the specific needs.


    More recently our customers sourced PC systems from our suppliers because they acknowledged our added value of both knowledge about the products and our supplier management.
    The DiBis office in Taiwan has strong ties with many of these suppliers, making it possible for customers to freely choose almost any supplier in Taiwan and a selection in China and USA.
    The PC systems of choice come in many shapes and configurations, but always with full warranty and upon request with pre-installed OS including full test report.

  • Selection options

    The system of choice is a combination of interactivity, visual feedback, processing unit and optional Operation Software (OS).

    • Embedded PC boards
    • Embedded systems
    • Panel PC kit
    • (multi touch) Panel PCs
    • 19” Rack mount (panel) PCs
    • Rack mount systems
    • LCD monitor kit
  • DISvue • Kingdy • Perfectron