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  • Replacing competitor EOL product with a DISvue 5.7 inch LCD

    Every now and then products find themselves “at the end of the line”. Nothing new and in general it is calculated by manufactures, both on the supplier as on the customer side. Phasing out of products happens for various reasons, for example lack of demand, components are no longer available, environmental restrictions and last but not least: cost down factors.

    Having that said, it doesn’t help being on the demand side and your system it is still in the prime of its life and a real money maker.
    Well, in those cases you may consider to turn to DiBis and make full use of our extensive pool of display suppliers in the far east, just like our Belgian customer did.   

  • The special equipment that they make is targeted to be available for the long run and has specifics concerning viewing angles and contrast. Not only because customers need continuity, but also because of the high cost for development and medical approval certificates.
    Finding a replacement is not always to difficult, but finding a drop-in replacement is a tougher task. However, we succeeded in sourcing a special 5.7 inch LCD, FFSTN and white LED backlight. Even though it took a little longer than expected to get the “go”, our customer may rest assured to be able to continue production for several more years!

  • Domotics application for care centers

    Over the course of the years our cooperation with this very innovative company has grown rapidly. Their focus is on software and hardware solutions for care centers like senior homes and rehabilitation centers.

    Starting with a standard 7 inch TFT product with resistive touch it gradually evolved into a more sophisticated solution with still a 7 inch TFT display, but now our DISvue brandlabel type with higher resolution and wide viewing angles. 
Moreover, the touch solution was adjusted to a Projected CAPacitive (PCAP) type which has higher transparency and is more scratch resistant, thus more durable.

  • While the upgrade took place, our customer had changed the production location to China. As it turned out, the DiBis-manager was able to visit that particular facility and report back to our customer in the Netherlands. As one of our typical unique features, DiBis people visits (potential) suppliers frequently in both Taiwan and China.

  • Special design for handheld docking equipment

    Requests seem to find us from many different areas in Europe. The project described here originated in Norway.
    The holding company is a conglomerate with a number of more or less independent subsidiaries, each with specific tasks and skills.
    When searching the internet for a specific display, they found out that the display was phased out and their supplier was not able to offer an alternative.
    Via an assembly company in Germany that we have done several projects with, we were able to gain the trust of this customer. They granted us the opportunity to develop a drop-in replacement based upon a sample they had.

  • With a quick turn around time on the sample and a very acceptable quote from our supplier, we got the green light for mass production. Although the project originated in the Norwegian subsidiary that has main business in docking equipment for large ships, the delivery was eventually made to Germany. Due to a coincidence we were able to meet the customer in Norway, laying a base for future cooperation.

  • Plastic panel as front side for controlling channel and volume

    With our extensive supplier network in Asia, we are able to help out our customers on different levels. In this particular case a customer in the audio equipment industry has been dealing with a Chinese supplier that employed a European sales manager. After the manager left, the customer found out how difficult it can be to work with a supplier far away. But not for us. We visit Asia roughly every other month, handling projects, visiting new and existing suppliers and also source suppliers for new opportunities.

  • Plastic parts are supported by us, but are not part of our main product line. Still we managed to get in touch with a factory in the Taipei area that has extensive expertise and experience in the automotive industry and other markets. Their quality is high and offered at reasonable pricing / order quantities, leaving our customer happy with the service provided by DiBis and the products provided by the factory. Probably more is yet to come.

    In the very early stages of the development customer came to us because they were unsatisfied with the display quality. Coming to DiBis was a smart move because their defect rate dropped to almost zero and also dropping their unit cost. We have been cooperating with this customer for many years now and still expanding the supply of components.

  • LCD, COB, 2x16 char, DFSTN / white LED, customized PCB + pinheader

    Yet another example of our unique expertise and wide supplier range. The customer gave us a tough challenge: find me a display with a great optical performance at the price of a standard display. We then pursued the project with one of our main suppliers for the DISvue brand in Shenzhen area, south of China. But this is not where it stopped. Customer had 2 more aspects to be aware of:

    1. Manufacturing is in Taiwan and
    2. The assembly cost were increased by adding a connector after shipping the displays.

    DiBis was able to handle both issues easily. We modified the PCB so that it would still be a mechanical drop-in for the previous display, but added the DIL pin header.
    And because we have our own office in Taiwan, it is no problem at all to supply directly in Asia (Taiwan in this case). Problem(s) solved and a satisfied customer!

  • LCD, COB, 4x20 char., STN neg / white LED, custom cable confection x2

    Some time ago we came across a company that is manufacturing dedicated 3D printers. This company had made a design from scratch and then carefully started the mass production stage.
    When designing a product, you may find that smaller production has different focus than bigger production runs. For this series the customer was interested in getting a total solution so they didn’t have to worry about the soldering of the display and the contrast cable.

    After we received their specifications and drawings we quickly went to work. Even for a quantity of around 300 pieces we were able to create this semi-custom development for easy drop-in assembly. Our supplier in Asia had sourced the right component (potentiometer) and did a great job on the wiring and soldering. Yet again meeting the expectations of the customer.

  • LCD, 160x160 dots, STN positive, LED backlight, wide temp. + custom PCB design

    A fairly new customer to us that decided to give us a chance after their current supplier phased out the display.
    After some research in the Lelystad office, we found that our supplier Nelytech had a very similar product. However, there were a few details that needed attention and sorted out.

    First we needed to change the PCB lay-out to create a physical interchangeable product. Then we took care of some other smaller issues concerning the optical appearance and electrical compatibility.
    It was a special design for a last time buy, but a starting point of a long term relationship.

  • All-in-One ACER 21.5 inch with integrated resistive touch

    The special requests we get from our customers are quite different, which additionally keeps our jobs even more interesting.
    As we establish long term relationships, we are confronted with the supply of products that are not necessarily in our standard product range. For these particular projects we investigate our added value in price, delivery certainty, possible follow-up on repairs and relationship with the (potential) supplier. In those cases we are able to work out a solution that is beneficial to the involved parties, we then proceed to order intake and careful processing + planning.

    This project involved a semi-customized All-in-One desktop version of a panelPC that is used in a medical care environment. A total of 400+ pieces were supplied over a period of 8 months without any delays. Because the customer was relatively close by, the DiBis people took care of the shipments personally, leaving nothing to chance. It has become a project that has helped us to increase the ties with our customer and materialize the added value we offer.
    The project has been a very successful example for future opportunities and we are grateful to our customer for the opportunity and thankful to the supplier to be willing to cooperate with us on project basis.