• Our salesteam is always focussed on finding solutions for specific demand or when a unique look is required. In case customers want to decrease their steps in the manufacturing process, we offer sub assembly to full service options.

    For these applications we are well equiped to provide the final product of need. In numerous projects we have developed – in close cooperation with our customers, Taiwan office and specialized suppliers – a unique solution. This can be a copy of a (phased out) product or a development from scratch. Check our website and newsletters for examples and feel free to experience our dedication and commitment.

  • Visiting Taiwan after CNY 2019

    As a constant effort to develop relationships and expanding our services, we visited a Taiwanese cable factory.
    The company is highly specialized in all sorts of cable solutions from short single wire with connector to complete cable trees.
    Currently we have a German customer in need of unique HDMI cables which we sourced from this company.

    The company is ISO 9001 certified and has a number of dedicated testing systems, even suitable to establish the quality for automotive and military specifications.

    Issues as thermal shock, humidity, RoHS standards and X-ray testing are done in-house.

    Main competences:

    • Cable connection / confection
    • Wire harness
    • Data & Signal multi wire
    • Plastic parts
    • Sub-assembly

    For more information, please email us so we can forward more photos and clips of our company visit.

  • Visiting VersaLogic (May 2017)

    For exceptional projects, DiBis will travel specifically to support that particular development. We often invests both time and money in long-term relationships to ensure projects to enjoy the full support of the supplier when needed.
    Working for this customer almost from the start of DiBis has brought both parties the typical win-win situation.
    In the recent years their current update  project developed from wish-list to physical product. But components alone will not do. Many of these components are according to MIL-spec and DiBis is the company of choice to support supplier management, purchasing & logistics and if necessary repair and supply add-on products like memory modules and cables.
    This specific customer sourced two critical items from the USA so a decision was made to go and meet with the companies, get a “look & feel” of who is behind the organization and discuss future cooperation in order to avoid unexpected situations as much as possible. Knowledge is key, so to speak and will give tools to handle issues that may come across.

  • The full team (inside sales engineer, general manager and technical manager) welcomed DiBis general manager R. Dijkhuizen at VersaLogic facilities

  • All-in-One ACER 21.5 inch with integrated resistive touch

    The special requests we get from our customers are quite different, which additionally keeps our jobs even more interesting.
    As we establish long term relationships, we are confronted with the supply of products that are not necessarily in our standard product range. For these particular projects we investigate our added value in price, delivery certainty, possible follow-up on repairs and relationship with the (potential) supplier. In those cases we are able to work out a solution that is beneficial to the involved parties, we then proceed to order intake and careful processing + planning.

    This project involved a semi-customized All-in-One desktop version of a panelPC that is used in a medical care environment. A total of 400+ pieces were supplied over a period of 8 months without any delays. Because the customer was relatively close by, the DiBis people took care of the shipments personally, leaving nothing to chance. It has become a project that has helped us to increase the ties with our customer and materialize the added value we offer.
    The project has been a very successful example for future opportunities and we are grateful to our customer for the opportunity and thankful to the supplier to be willing to cooperate with us on project basis.

  • Vehicle distance control

    Imagine being a European company and there is a need for a special product like an ultrasonic sensor and you already have a good experience with DiBis for a drop-in replacement project. Then it’s a small step to ask DiBis to do the sourcing and evaluation. On the internet every company appears to be solid and trustworthy. But who is really involved and are they manufacturer or just reseller.

    When visiting China (Shenzhen area) I was able to meet with the sales contact, but also the product manager and overall manager. Knowing who is who and what their responsibilities are make communication much easier.

  • DiBis Taiwan colleague on the left and Chinese supplier on the right.