• Case Studies

  • Automated fueling system

    An international oriented customer with years of experience in the field of automated fueling systems was in need of an upgrade of their systems.
    The manager in charge built up a more than 15 year relationship with DiBis and felt comfortable to trust us with supplying the panelPC system that will be used for years to come.
    The original manufacturer Kingdy selects the components based upon continuity, support dedication and competitiveness. The total solution is offered in many varieties, for example: touch; high brightness; fanless; IP54 / 65 / 67 grade etc.

  • Autonomous vehicle for public transportation

    In this case our customer has only more recent cooperation experience with DiBis. Their main focus is autonomous applications and systems.
    When invited to participate in a project for a public transportation solution, they requested DiBis to offer a number of suggestions with pricing.
    After careful consideration they came to the conclusion that the Perfecn fanless high performance system would suit best for the vehicles primary processes. The system is combined with 2 separate industrial touch monitors.