RMA (Return Material Authorization)

RMA (Return Material Authorization)RMA stands for Return Material Authorization. In case a product supplied by DiBis has a defect or is a DOA (dead on arrival), the product may be returned to us for further analysis.
Of course there are some ground rules that need to be followed in order to keep correct track on the returned product(s). Below the general steps that are important to assure a quick and accurate follow up.


  • Make sure that the products were supplied by DiBis.
  • Create a list (in case it is about more than one product) of products that need to be returned. The list should contain the exact type number, quantity and if possible the estimated date of receipt. This can be determined by the invoice or packing list.
  • Do a first analysis on the defects and under what conditions these were caused and add these remarks to the list. This will give DiBis and it’s suppliers a basis for further analysis.
  • It will speed up the turn around time dramatically and help prevent disappointments.
  • Contact DiBis for a unique DiBis RMA number and form. This will help processing the shipment.
  • When an RMA number is issued, make sure it is attached to the shipment.
  • Attach the RMA form on the parcel and write the RMA number clearly on the top of the parcel.
  • DiBis will take care of the rest and get back on the status to you within reasonable time.
  • For explanation of the RMA procedure, please open the link of the PDF.