Power over Ethernet?

New @ DiBis: Full line-up of Broadband Networking Solutions with a strong focus on PoE solutions.

The Taiwanese supplier has shown it’s added value in the product groups such as Modems, Gateways, Switches and PoE to USB Type C devices
The products are found in data/voice/video application requirements.

We also welcome to work with you on custom solutions.

Special offers: Interactive hand sanitizer

The latest addition to the DiBis product portfolio are interactive hand sanitizers. They are the perfect combination of digital signage and health protection.
This low maintenance system will run 24/7 with loaded content or with dynamic system information via WiFi or RJ45 connection and Cloud CMS software. Very easy and quick to refill the tanks and optionally change between gel / liquid / foam.
Busy places like hospitals, shops, schools, elevators, hotels / restaurants / bars, public transportation, airports and toilets will benefit from these systems.

Release New Company Brochure

The DiBis companies have completed the latest version with updated information on products, solutions and services.

Product introduction: slim design open frame TFT monitors

Successful integration of displays and touchscreens into applications is what creates the value. To achieve this, DiBis has a multitude of options to select from. Starting with up-to-date datasheets and manuals we support customers with samples and easy to evaluate demo-units.

Product introduction: panelPC systems

The DiBis product portfolio ranges from LED and display components to stand-alone full operational systems. The added value in a total solution is commonly easier to acknowledge.

With the broad variety of applications in mind we have suppliers both in Taiwan and in China, each with their own advantages. Taiwan based solutions are highly customizable where often Chinese based supplier prefer to aim at the higher volume projects.

DiBis maintains relationships with a number of these kind of suppliers to help customers benefit from their expertise and options.

Dear reader,

With the COVID-19 virus still spreading around, we take the opportunity to address the situation.
First of all our thoughts are with the people who have been deeply affected by this grotesque disaster.
We wish for an early demise of the effect of the virus.

For DiBis, the business is as (un)usual. We work from the office with all necessary precautions and added a few of our own.
The workspace we have is adequate for keeping personal distance and we clean the office with disciplined routine.
At this point is it safe to say that our customers and suppliers have not noticed any influence in our operations and we aim to keep it that way.

Should the situation cause for a total lock down, we will keep in touch by remote connection.
We wish you all the best of health and speedy recovery of the workflow.

Your DiBis team

DiBis Companies

The DiBis companies are always looking for opportunities to materialize our added value. As a result we created our own brand DISvue® and we selected a number of products that are very easy to integrate into a customer system. The term we founded for this is Connect & Create®.

DiBis is a specialized distributor of flat panel displays and additives, aiming to serve the industry and related markets. Activities from The Netherlands have a primary focus on the Benelux / EU market whereas DiBis Technology in Taiwan provides sourcing and sub-assembly solutions for customers around the world.

To achieve true customer satisfaction, we found a unique combination of competitive pricing, quality, customer specific solutions and personal attention. Our shipping methods range from door-to-door delivery, delivery to final customers or in exclusive deals direct shipments from factory to customer without goods having to pass our warehouse.

Products by Group


Well know for its reliability, easy integration and interfacing, available as lamp, display and backlight.



Devided in 3 major groups: OLED, LCD and TFT. Depending on the requirements we will advise on the (dis-)advantages per technology.


Without a driving board or host, a display can’t do much. Therefore we offer separate and integrated signal conversion boards. But also display / touch combinations are considered by us a “kit”.


The market is mostly divided by resistive and projected capacitive touch. PCAP touch technology developments are rapidly catching up with the advantages of the original resistive touch.


Starting at SOC / ARM based solutions to high end military grade boards, all aimed to be available for longevity, full functionality and customization.


Everything needs power. The main supplier of choice are committed to high efficiency (according to the highest 80+ standards). And for sustainability power Solar panel solutions are available too.


Industrial PC systems and the “All-in-One” solutions called Panel PCs come in many variants and sizes. For almost all applications we can offer either a standard or built to order system.


Special requirements for products in the electronics field can be supported on a case by case evaluation. With partners in NL / TW / CN it is possible to configure a sub-assembly to full assembly solutions for dedicated projects.


Special design solutions and media player configurations enable system integrators and project developers to obtain COTS systems that are attractively priced and reduce development time.

Six Spheres.
One Mission.

The mission of our 5 spheres is to serve a total concept to fit the requirements of our customers.
Each and every trademark / business unit has its own unique role in customer fulfillment.


  • Mission/Vision
  • Added value
  • Core value
  • Green mentality
  • Internship
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We are the “Professionals behind the screens”! Our company is all about the human factor at the stakeholders. In our approach there is no “us” and “them” but we look forward to partner-up with the people involved.


Case Studies

Custom 5.7 inch TFT for medical instrument

With our many years of experience in the display field, not only new but also existing customers come to us for special needs concerning their projects.

Semi-custom 3.5 inch TFT for EV charging station

The market for Electrical Vehicles is expanding rapidly. Starting with 1 ~ 2 brands, now more and more companies embrace the hybrid or full electrical drive for cars.

Full custom 3.5 inch QVGA LCD for measurement equipment (Thailand)

Our local Dutch customer acquired another European company, also resulting an heritage from them of a near obsolete gas measurement system.

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