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Here you will find the overall information on products and services we provide as well as the technology behind it. Our focus is to maintain business on a personal level. It may be that you require more detailed information after reviewing our website. In that case feel free to contact our staff, we are there for you.

DiBis Companies

The DiBis companies are always looking for opportunities to materialize our added value. As a result we created our own brand DISvue® and we selected a number of products that are very easy to integrate into a customer system. The term we founded for this is Connect & Create®.

DiBis is a specialized distributor of flat panel displays and additives, aiming to serve the industry and related markets. Activities from The Netherlands have a primary focus on the Benelux / EU market whereas DiBis Technology in Taiwan provides sourcing and sub-assembly solutions for customers around the world.

To achieve true customer satisfaction, we found a unique combination of competitive pricing, quality, customer specific solutions and personal attention. Our shipping methods range from door-to-door delivery, delivery to final customers or in exclusive deals direct shipments from factory to customer without goods having to pass our warehouse.

Products by Group


Well know for its reliability, easy integration and interfacing, available as lamp, display and backlight.



Devided in 3 major groups: OLED, LCD and TFT. Depending on the requirements we will advise on the (dis-)advantages per technology.


Without a driving board or host, a display can’t do much. Therefore we offer separate and integrated signal conversion boards. But also display / touch combinations are considered by us a “kit”.


The market is mostly divided by resistive and projected capacitive touch. PCAP touch technology developments are rapidly catching up with the advantages of the original resistive touch.


Starting at SOC / ARM based solutions to high end military grade boards, all aimed to be available for longevity, full functionality and customization.


Everything needs power. The main supplier of choice are committed to high efficiency (according to the highest 80+ standards). And for sustainability power Solar panel solutions are available too.


Industrial PC systems and the “All-in-One” solutions called Panel PCs come in many variants and sizes. For almost all applications we can offer either a standard or built to order system.


Special requirements for products in the electronics field can be supported on a case by case evaluation. With partners in NL / TW / CN it is possible to configure a sub-assembly to full assembly solutions for dedicated projects.


Special design solutions and media player configurations enable system integrators and project developers to obtain COTS systems that are attractively priced and reduce development time.

We have been in touch with DiBis soon after the company was established. At the time we had a display from a European supplier and we looked around for a better deal, both in performance and price. Within a short while DiBis came up with a suitable and workable solution. The one time we had minor issues with this product, DiBis immediately planned a visit to our company to solve the matter on the spot.
Along the way we had several other projects, ranging from a small size character LCD, to a mid-size industrial TFT with PCAP touch. DiBis has always shown enthusiasm in sourcing the right product for our applications in an efficient way.
During the course of the years, we have been in touch with many suppliers, they sometimes come and go. Our cooperation with DiBis is still ongoing after 2 decades, making them a reliable partner that values long-term relationship as much as we do.

Dirk, Technical Manager, Netherlands

In the past year, we started a completely new development involving monitors and other electronics. For the monitor part, DiBis was suggested by our development partner. They had some experience with DiBis before and knew about the sourcing abilities.
During the process, we noticed that DiBis was relentless in sourcing the right product(s), while focusing on the balance between quality; performance and budget. From early-stage development to final shipment, we experienced a pro-active attitude and understanding towards the challenges that were on our path.
The personal approach combined with the right dose of flexibility helped us to reach our goals to set the next step towards manufacturing.

Eric, project manager, Netherlands

Over the past 2 decades I have worked with DiBis on several projects. During that time DiBis has proven to be a reliable partner that supplied quality products within the requested delivery dates.
They have shown a sincere commitment in our business and offered their added value on several occasions, allowing us to make a solid decision on what products to use for our business. We feel comfortable recommending DiBis for other customers that are interested to work with a partner that serves both parties.

Gerrit, purchasing manager, Netherlands

The cooperation with DiBis started via one of our customers for which we supply a total unit. The unit consists of a PCB we assemble according to customer specification and a display/touch solution from DiBis. Our company has successfully taken the project from an Asian assembly company by proving our high yield / low failure rate.
With DiBis we have a pleasant cooperation where we respect each other and we communicate openly, improving the performance and share views upon future challenges. We have introduced DiBis to another customer, which resulted in a design-in. With DiBis we feel secure about deliveries and quality.

Christophe, project manager, Belgium.

Working with DiBis, is working with a partner on a long-term relationship base.
We have been working with DiBis for a long period of time, during this period we experienced DiBis as a partner that will do his utmost best to realize projects for us and our customers.
The added values of DiBis are short reaction time on quotations, honest and reliable pricings and lead-times. On time update on changes by manufacturers like product design, lead-times and price settings.
We buy our components both from the Dutch branch as well as the Taiwanese branch direct and have shipments arranged either to our facilities in Hong Kong / China or to our company in The Netherlands without delay. The projects we have done over the last years where a success due to their effort to arrange them, we look forward to extenuate our future endeavors.
Kind regards,

Fred, general manager, The Netherlands.

When we started the project it took some time to get the total design according to all regulations and other specific requirements. DiBis helped us source the right factory to get the project up and running while maintaining a clear overview of the “buts” and “ifs” until we got the mass production going. Also their commitment to visit the production facilities in Thailand to speed the process along was exemplary.

Rik, design engineer, Netherlands

Our company is a highly specialized high end weighing system supplier. We rely on our supply chain partners to provide us with quality products and on time delivery. With DiBis we found a partnership for one of our display related products, much to our satisfaction. The deliveries are punctual and if there is a speed up, they are willing to drop them off personally to save time. For future developments we are surely considering DiBis to expand and continue our relationship.

Hans, Purchase Manager, Netherlands

We have been a DiBis customer since 2002 We apply display products with a modification which was co-developed with DiBis. Their expertise, reliability, continuity and flexibility are important to us. Our products are used in laboratories all around the world and we take pride in the quality, performance and design of our products. Our electrochemical detectors are often used for many years and customers rely on the durability of all components we apply in our instruments.  When we redesign or develop our products, we most probably will use DiBis products again.

Herman, Purchasing and Operations Manager, Netherlands

When DiBis introduced itself to us, we were not sure if they could outperform the supplier we had before that. Our products are full custom display/board assembly completed with metal work and plastic mold. By that time we were experiencing an increasing failure rate of the product we used until then. Since we switched to DiBis our concerns for quality issues faded away and they are our main source for display products. Even on a rare occasion when we did encounter some technical difficulties with a display, DiBis was swift to react and combined their visit to Asia to meet up with the original manufacturer. After that the solution was found quickly and to our satisfaction.

Willem, Managing Director, Netherlands

In verband met een reflectieve opdracht van mijn huidige HBO opleiding (afrondend) zat ik terug te denken aan mijn MBO opleiding en alle stages die ik daarvoor heb gelopen.
Het enige bedrijf waar ik echt werd gezien en dingen heb geleerd was DiBis. Ik vond het een fijne plek en een hele leuke tijd.
Dus ik wilde nog even bedankt zeggen daarvoor, ik hoop dat alles goed gaat bij jullie.

Jonathan, Internship marketing medewerker

The start of our relationship with DiBis started some years ago when we were looking for a new display for upgraded product. We found that the wide product range was much to our advantage in advising our customers too. Through DiBis we were able to determine even more into detail the pros and cons of certain type of displays. At one time we were confronted with a phase-out notice from one of our original suppliers. Withing weeks we received some samples of a product that was made into a drop in replacement. A decision we are still happy with until this day.
For a special product we were looking for a product that was not in the product portfolio of DiBis, but they were able to source it anyway. During the development DiBis visited the supplier in China on two occasions to ensure that they are solid company.

Herman, General and Technical Manager, Netherlands

Several years ago we were at a crossroad to select a new supplier for our top level product. During that time DiBis has shown the right amount of ingenuity to solve whatever problems came along the way. The display we selected underwent several updates, but hasn’t failed us and maintained the right optical performance needed. In more recent years we were faced with a sudden phase out from another supplier. DiBis jumped right in and selected the right supplier for maintaining our production level without any changes necessary.

Aline, project buyer, Belgium

Ever since DiBis came to visit us, we had a good feeling about the future cooperation. We have 2 projects currently running with displays, one is a customized product and one is a more standard one with some additional features. These features were recommended by DiBis to do ex-factory, to save us both time and cost. DiBis has shown itself as a reliable and stable partner from the first beginning and provides added value by taking care of all communications and logistics from Asia to our doorstep. We believe that next developments with display related products would come from DiBis again.

Arie, Managing Director, Netherlands

From the very early start of DiBis we have been cooperating with the company al through our initial design to where we are now. We buy a very unique and high end product that involves the necessary technical back-up, logistic support and hands-on mentality. Our company grew fast and we selected a number of suppliers that offer us that bit of extra to relieve our staff from managing a multitude of contacts. DiBis has shown to be the added value supplier we can appreciate.

Marco, project buyer, Netherlands

At the time we were looking for a second source supplier for the TFT display in our product. We needed to consider reliability of both supplier and the factory behind it. During that time we have been in contact with DiBis and found they were a pleasure to work with. The product they offered was of better quality than our first supplier at a competitive cost. So DiBis became our main source. In our most recent purchase we felt secure to continue our relationship with DiBis. The update on the display panel proved itself to be a drop-in replacement with slightly improved optical performance. DiBis is a reliable and stable source in a world of ever changing components.

Brecht, System engineer, Belgium

Through buying an external developed product we came into contact with DiBis. We have found that the cooperation has been excellent both on a professional as on a personal level.
As we did not have spare internal resources we tasked DiBis with the project management of getting the product to the market as per our specification.
The vast experience DiBis has in cooperating with OEM manufacturers in the far east greatly facilitates this. Thanks to the cooperation and open communication there were no “surprises”.

Wim, R&D Director, Belgium

As an assembly and development support company, we need reliable and fast thinking suppliers to ensure we get the right products at the right time in the right quantity. In our many years of experience with DiBis we have found that the products are of high quality with very low defect rates. We know that we can always get in touch with DiBis and their response time is fast. For any sort of technical matters, we know that DiBis can help us find a solution.

Twan, initial purchaser, Netherlands

Through some luck the paths of DiBis and ours crossed. Our experience in the display branch was somewhat limited, but DiBis has guided us through the process of development, sourcing and acquisition of the right supplier. Even some pointers were given in how to install the display the easiest way into our solution. We have experienced DiBis to be reliable, fast in response and trustworthy.

Ben, lead buyer, Netherlands

As a start-up company we source reliable and knowledgeable partners that are willing to get involved and show extra effort. In DiBis we have found a supplier that showed to be supportive and offer a complete kit, based upon high quality sub-assembly products. 
Our machine is designed with great care and user-friendly design. When selecting the components for our machine we paid special attention to functionality, longevity, and manufacturer service. Together with DiBis we believe we managed to succeed in our goals.

Glenn, developer and manager, Belgium


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We are the “Professionals behind the screens”! Our company is all about the human factor at the stakeholders. In our approach there is no “us” and “them” but we look forward to partner-up with the people involved.


Case Studies

4.3 inch TFT – medium brightness, wide temp

The energy transition has the potential to improve the environment where we live in as well as lead us to new innovations.

An electric car charging system customer was looking for a more competitively priced display in combination with local presence for technical and logistical support.

We are proud to have served this customer in their search for a display that stands out in price, performance and a personal touch.

Ultrasonic transducers in containers

Our customer is a renowned partner for special electric development and assembly.

The final customer is involved in trash collection from large underground trash containers. In order to be flexible and effective towards emptying the containers, they rely on waterproof wide temperature transducers to measure the contents.

With the extensive knowledge of reliable suppliers in South-East Asia, DiBis was quick to source and supply the second batch of samples, resulting in mass production series shortly.

10.1 inch display/touch solution

We were contacted by an engineering company to offer a replacement for the current small size display. The final product is a very specific system for test and calibration of pressure and electronic measurement units. This “rack mount” design acts as a central communication and control system. The aim of the final customer is to have a cost-effective solution that is as interactive as intuitive.
Sourcing such a product for limited quantities proved to be challenging. By combining products from two independent suppliers, we obtained a display/touch combination that is supplied to the customer as one single unit.

Customized 2.4 inch TFT

For a medical device we have been working on a suitable solution in close cooperation with our customer. This new development is defined by a modular base that is suitable for more than one product.
Taking into consideration power consumption, longevity, size and optical performance, we supplied the pre-production run with a specially designed tail with the required interfacing and pin-out. The unit will mean a tremendous improvement of the quality of life for patients in The Netherlands and in future runs also in other parts of Europe.

PoE type tablet
Custom LED illuminated button

As the time progresses with shortages all around, customers turn to us to help find a way to avoid production delay or production stop altogether! We have had a long term relationship with this company for display and touch solutions. But this time we were involved in sourcing a product that is a bit more out of our regular scope.

custom LCD panel
Custom LCD panel for control unit

Finding the right display solution can be challenging for customers. By turning to DiBis, the solution is usually found in an efficient and competitive way. The design came to light because the customer was looking for a cheaper solution. Not only as a product, but also by eliminating the costly components.


PoE type tablet
Embedded display / touch kit for apple juice vending machine

This start-up company came up with an ingenious way to serve fresh apple juice. Fresh apple juice is much more complicated to create via a vending machine than orange juice. The owner of the company combined his skills with his vision and reached out to DiBis via a mutual contact.

The 15.6 inch display / touch kit is directly connected to an industrial type embedded board with a multitude on I/O ports and recent fast and flexible ARM CPU. The entire kit is supplied incl. the matching cable set, VBIOS adjustment and increased memory. We are supporting the customer by assisting in implementing fine-tuning of improvements.

OLED COG display with PCB assembly

While being in contact with one of our loyal customers, we came across the development with a small size 0.96 inch OLED. It is for a sophisticated EV charging unit. The uniqueness of this product is that a COG OLED display is mounted on a PCB for easy integration and rugged connection.
During the development customer requested to have a more dark background by means of an additional polarizing film creating a better contrast and readability.


PoE type tablet
Custom cable kits for alarm systems

Another long term customer was faced with long lead times for connectors from their prior supplier, which would have led to major delay in their deliveries. To avoid loss of (potential) customers and orders, they requested DiBis to offer alternatives.

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