• About DiBis

    DiBis Digital B.V. was founded on January 17th, 2002. In the beginning a one man company, with only a few customers. Nowadays it is a rock solid company with many customers in the Benelux, but also in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and China. Via our Taiwan office, we supply to customers in Australia, China, Taiwan and India.

    Our team is dedicated to the core of DiBis, which is displays and everything around it such as touchscreens, embedded boards and embedded industrial PC’s, power supplies, cable kits etc. etc. Next to that we supply a wide range of LED products ranging from SMD small size LEDs to LED displays and lighting as well as backlights.
    In cooperation with our Taiwan office we offer a unique service with a personal touch, high motivation and always looking for the best solution. Our customers have recognized our added-value and service. We have a constant awareness about where we can implement improvements to sustain future business.

    Business is not just a matter of selling components of the shelf. It is about understanding the wants and needs of the customer. Therefor we have developed our services towards semi-custom and full custom design. Through our suppliers we support developments that are fit to the application, not the other way around. This service demands a well balanced mix of flexibility and perseverance.

    With great pride we celebrate our 10th anniversary this year. We know we are on the right track towards satisfied customers at present time, but also in the future. We thank all of our customers but also our suppliers for their continues support and trust! The last 10 years have been great and we feel confident that the next 10 years will be even better.

  • Introduction by the founder - The story of DiBis until today

  • Founded on January 17th in 2002 as a one man company, DiBis has gone through a number of changes. Nowadays it is an international oriented combination of thee unique DiBis companies that have made a mark in the field of industrial electronics and affiliated markets.

    When starting his first company, the founder and general manager of the DiBis companies felt it was time to redefine the standards of distribution. Moving away from the rigged way of only supporting products that are in a certain portfolio, the principal moved to full-service in flat panel displays by taking the wish of the customer as true starting point.

  • No longer did customers have to chose 2 or more brands to finalize their design. Instead they have been able to rely on one supplier that has the whole package of the right combination of display and touch or as an integrated embedded system as a whole. Additonally services as cables, power supplies and sub-assembly options or a combination of those are available in close cooperation with our Taiwan office.

    The companies have a strong focus on flat panel displays, but always with an open eye to additional added value products. In several cases we support delivery of products that are originally not in our portfolio, but help our customers out. These products are usually available via DiBis Taiwan. 

  • Innovation and added value:

  • DISvue

    In order to innovate, it is vital to be able to look at things differently and see the realistic changes that can be made.

    That is how DISvue came to life. Ordering from DiBis should be a carefree experience. By presenting common and customized products as DISvue, we assure our customers that the manufacturer is validated and suitable to be used in mass production.

  • Connect and Create

    Connect & Create is our interpretation of the common term “Plug & Play”, which  lost most of it’s meaning already. Both DiBis and a number of our suppliers have solutions that can be very easily integrated in new and existing applications. Basically all you need to do is connect the cables, create your application with the software supplied (SDK’s and GUI’s) and the user interface is good to go.

    The world has become a small place in the last two decades. Fast and mobile internet is widely available and flying has become easier and cheaper, linking the continents yet again. Our activities in both Europe and Asia make it easier for customers to select products worldwide and have them delivered to any place in the world. Our contribution is that we serve most European customers from our main office in The Netherlands, but that we can also support their business if the mass production is in other parts of the world. And if goods need to stay in China, we can support this from the warehouse facility in Shenzhen in the south of China.

    Now isn’t that what innovation is all about? Reshaping things into something better!

    Another example of our added value is our extensive experience with customized design where we come to the aid our customers with adjusted products up to drop-in replacement and “turn-key” solutions.

    Our personal approach combined with many years of experience, skills as well as benefiting from our long term business relationships are the key to our and (y)our success.

  • Main goal and purpose:

  • Our main goal is to create long term relationships that are benefitial to the parties involved. Those kind of relationships are not only established with a number of solid suppliers, but also with our customers.

    We strongly believe that we should never go for the quick win, but always for the solution that is worthy of the trust of our customers and suppliers. The 3-way win is in our view the only way to benefit in the long run.

  • About the founder / general manager:

  • Starting as early as 1992, the founder of the companies Mr. R. Dijkhuizen, has a proven track record in serving customers with displays and (direct) additives. Back in the days starting as inside sales, quickly being moved up to outdoor sales engineer and eventually product manager.

    Over time quite a number of applications in industrial; vending; test&measurement; POI / in shop advertising; medical and domotic applications have been either improved, redesigned, upgraded or have found other added values with a solution that is unrivaled in price & performance ratio.

    These joint-effort are embedded in his DNA and an integrated part of his general philosophy.

  • Bright future ahead:

  • Now that we have had the pleasure of serving our customers in the past 15 years, we look forward to the next 15 years and trust to meet your expectations. We can do this with our companies that are in The Netherlands and in Taiwan of which I give you a short review of below.

    • DiBis Digital B.V.
      The original company with a strong focus on distribution and cross selling of components and embedded solutions. Services are provided around Europe.
    • DiBis Benelux B.V.
      The most recent addition where we can provide the extra step concerning (sub-)assembly of products for the smaller quantity projects where most assembly companies can’t commit to.
    • DiBis Technology Ltd.
      This company has combined valuable services into one. It is the main “go-between” for suppliers in Asia and the European head office including sourcing. But it is also a location with sub-assembly capabilities. Moreover, we support metal design projects from here, both in (stainless) steel as well as aluminum.

    Last but not least we support projects and customers with mass production in Asia with customers in Taiwan, HongKong and Shenzhen.

    We welcome your request on the various products and services we provide and wish to establish a mutual benefitial partnership.


    Mr. Remko Dijkhuizen