• Case Studies

  • All-in-One system 21.5 inch, change-over from consumer to semi-industrial

  • Companies turn to DiBis for all sorts of reasons.  
    The companies in both The Netherlands and Taiwan can be for help during sourcing at the moment of  new development, it can be as sounding board for ongoing projects and even as a trusted partner to find a solution to change over from low lost consumer products to more stable semi-industrial solutions.

    Consumer products are sometimes just fine to make it  work, but if the project at hand is in need of some sort of stability and continuity, these non-industrial products  don’t follow the rule of one customer since it is made for  the masses.  
    For our partner in patient care systems, we have found a  way to change over from a consumer All-in-One (AiO) to  a semi-industrial type. Semi-industrial in this case means  it is made more customer specific with parts that are  available for a longer period of time.  
    Besides that, it’s design is in a metal housing and can be  customized at smaller quantities. 

    After carefully testing the first sample and the creation of a “wish-list” we now supplied the first 12 units to replace the more vulnerable consumer type with a longer term availability. The price is slightly higher, but our customer is convinced the cost of ownership will be lower.

  • LED backlight unit for industrial heating system replacing EOL from other brand




    Custom design is usually is matter of higher end products that are used in large quantities. At DiBis we take each project and request serious and strive to find a workable solution.

    When we were requested to supply an LED backlight unit as a replacement for a competitor product that has been phased out. Since there was no technical document present due to an old design, we started from a simple sketch on paper.

    With our span of Disvue suppliers for standard and custom(ized) solutions, it wasn’t to complicated to present a drop-in replacement that was also price competitive. Within days we supplied a datasheet and only a few weeks later working samples.


    Currently we are shipping our second batch in the MP (Mass Production) stage and have not had one piece returned with possible failure. Actually this was our first project with this particular customer and we have been able to extend our business relationship since!

  • Android 10.1 inch tablet for in-shop advertising

  • During the past years DiBis established a close cooperation with a local customer that has a solid track record in the digital advertising world.

    On and off we have bigger and smaller projects with them, starting quite some time ago with a special kind of 9.7 inch TFT including a dedicated VGA/HDMI interface board.
    More recently we started a project with a 10.1 inch Android tablet with projected capacitive touch and the option of RJ45 connector with a total of almost 500 units.
    The tablet will enable shoppers to get audio and visual feedback and show easy commands to control the system they intend to buy. Our customer is very experienced in developing software with dedicated hardware communications and matching protocols for multi brand solutions.

    The added values of DiBis are the sourcing capabilities, the tight relationship with the manufacturer and the frequent visits to China and Taiwan to ensure that smaller and bigger projects get the required attention as well as true attention to details and quality assurance. When we ship the final product we are sure to have everything to meet customer’s expectation!

  • Diverse display pallette for an audio customer

    Our long term audio customer has been using DiBis display solutions in different forms and shapes. One is a full custom LCD assembly with housing, others are more standard, but still unique.
    How does a standard display become unique? It is because of a different approach. For instance the graphic black & white LCD in the 1U metal housing. The space for the display is very limited. Furthermore the requirements were: long term availability and wide viewing angle + high contrast.
    Searching in our pool of display manufacturers we came across a display that was exactly to the liking of the customer. The supplier supported the project well by allowing small quantity of different background colors during the course of the development.

  • Another standard, yet special display is from one of our main TFT display suppliers DigiWise. In the other 19 inch rack (this time a 2U height type), customer was in need of both color and touch. Also the annual quantity is not high volume so we met the demands offering relative small volume of 3.5 inch TFT including resitive touch while maintaining a long term design.

    Both displays have been in use for several years now with a (virtual) zero defect rate and stable supply without changing of any of the original design. 
We thank our suppliers for enabling us to service our long term customer in such a reliable way.

  • TFT touch monitor for musical organ

  • Buying direct from China can have certain advantages for customers. In some cases the quantities are big enough to outweigh the potential risk(s) and additional work.

    Dealing with suppliers world-wide and thus very remote requires effort, time and certain skills. Cooperation between people in different regions (national, international or intercontinental) dictate clearness in communication. With the right (mind)set for doing business, many projects fail even though all other conditions and requirements are met.
    The same for this customer who found a supplier online for relative standard monitors. Dealing with them was not so easy (time difference, different expectations) as with a local partner. Besides that the customer found that returning materials didn’t make sense because of the high cost and thus a change was made towards DiBis.

  • DiBis is not only a product supplier, but also a service oriented company. Moreover we invest time and money to avoid problems. And when there are issues to be resolved, our frequent trips to both suppliers in the Far East and in special occasions also to the USA, to ensure we get the focus on matters at hand.
    At the end our customer found out that despite buying from a local representative the price is even slightly better, solid repair support, an improved touchscreen and hassle-free communication. All in all a win-win and time saving situation.

  • Memory module TS16GUSDC10 - for parking equipment

    Our long term parking equipment customer recently started to upgrade their systems with a logging feature.
    For this feature they needed to find a reliable data storage unit. The fastest and cheapest solution turned out to be a Class 10 (speed class) Micro SD chip card.
    DiBis has lots of experiences with Transcend as flexible and trusted partner with competitive pricing. Besides that, the MicroSD chip card has wide temperature features and didn’t require any rework. After a short trial period our customer was served best with the TS16GUSDC10. Currently they have placed another large quantity order to upgrade the systems that are already in the field.

    • Fully compliant with the SD 3.0 standard
    • Class 10 speed rating guarantees fast and reliable write performance
    • Built-in Error Correcting Code (ECC) to detect and correct transfer errors
    • Warranty: Five-year Limited Warranty
    • Read Speed (Max.): 45 MB/s
    • Insertion/Removal Cycles: 10,000

  • Automated fueling system

    An international oriented customer with years of experience in the field of automated fueling systems was in need of an upgrade of their systems.
    The manager in charge built up a more than 15 year relationship with DiBis and felt comfortable to trust us with supplying the panelPC system that will be used for years to come.
    The original manufacturer Kingdy selects the components based upon continuity, support dedication and competitiveness. The total solution is offered in many varieties, for example: touch; high brightness; fanless; IP54 / 65 / 67 grade etc.

  • Autonomous vehicle for public transportation

    In this case our customer has only more recent cooperation experience with DiBis. Their main focus is autonomous applications and systems.
    When invited to participate in a project for a public transportation solution, they requested DiBis to offer a number of suggestions with pricing.
    After careful consideration they came to the conclusion that the Perfecn fanless high performance system would suit best for the vehicles primary processes. The system is combined with 2 separate industrial touch monitors.