• Connect & Create

    Solution based:
    Based upon the experience that many projects need a solution that is more or less in need of a smarter solution, there is a vast quantity available of products that carry some sort of integrated intelligence or an interfacing option.
    In general displays and touchscreens need a component to translate one (analog) signal into another digital one. The digital one being the host system that can either be a customer developed system, an ARM board solution or an (embedded / industrial) PC system.
    This  “total solution” is a combination of interactive features, display and intelligence all working together as if it were one, hence the term “All-in-One”.

  • The Connect & Create® logo applies to products that are in general a easy integration solution featuring visual feedback software (SDK or GIU) ultimately driven by the host system or as a stand-alone unit.
    Typical Connect & Create items are intelligent displays, embedded systems or panelPCs. These are available as a total kit including specific (SDK/GUI) or general development software (for Windows or Android OS, metal or cable confection or similar off the shelf panelPC solutions.


    • LCD or TFT with integrated MPU for simplified communication;
    • LCD or TFT with an added or integrated total touch kit;
    • TFT with VGA/DVI/HDMI/DLP interface;
    • Open frame monitors or “photo frame” solutions;
    • Handheld monitors;
    • Industrial or military grade monitors;
    • Full custom desinged panel PC or 19 inch rack solutions.
  • To create a success from the early stages of a development, we value the opportunity to help our customers understand the products and technologies. We inform them about the major advantages and drawbacks. The less intelligent product, the more an engineer needs to understand about controller interfacing. Still even then the additional supplied development program is more or less a simplified programming tool and needs no additional skills or training to work with.
    Should that still cause any problems, you may always rely on the support of the original supplier.
    We welcome the opportunity to work with you on OEM/ODM base where we help you to define the needs, select the products and take on (sub-)assembly work so all you need to do is connect the solution to your host system and get operational very quickly.
    For impressions and references concerning our design-ins, please check our bulletin board on our website landing page and our newsletters.