In the world of displays, certain typical optical enhancement options are commomly used. In case the space for a display is limited, We suggest you take a look at our special designs that are minimal in size. Demanding ambient environment may require higher brightness, anti-reflection, optical bonding, impact protection or e.g. very wide temperature operation. In all of these cases, solutions are available for displays in different sizes and shapes. Improvements in contrast, viewing angle (“O-ring”) and other needs are met at competitive prices and a minimum of lead time increase. Optical Bonding is explained below as one of our standard options.

  • What is Optical Bonding?

    Optical bonding is a process that uses optically clear adhesive (OCA - e.g. transparent adhesive film, optical transfer tape). OCA is more common and more cost efficient than optically clear resin (OCR - e.g. liquid adhesive, optical resin) or to affix the glass or touch screen to the front of the glass, filling the (miniscule) air gap.


    Some benefits:

    •  Readability improved  

    • Enhances the strength of the glass substrate

    • Prevents condensation and fogging in high humidity and salt-water environments

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