This unique DISvue® brand has a focus on components, but not limited to opto-electronics such as LED, OLED, LCD and TFT. Also focused on LED products, touchscreens, embedded ARM or Intel based solutions, monitors and even photo frame products for in store advertising.

Instead of searching for a product close to the original wishes from customers at a few suppliers, we have established cooperation with quite some of display suppliers from Taiwan and (South-East) China.
Additionally we provide high end special solutions from display suppliers in e.g. Korea and USA. Each of these suppliers have their own specific skills, technologies, assembly options, minimum sales quantity and customization possibilities.

In case you wonder how we do this, it is both simple, sophisticated and a severe case of commitment. DiBis people build relationships by regular trips to Asia and USA as well as the presence at a number of well-established exhibitions in Taipei, Hongkong, Shenzhen and California.
It is from there that we increase the intensities of contacts up to a level where we feel confident enough a supplier has a certain added value to the brandlabel DISvue. And then our customers only need to remember one thing: all is handeled by one trusted partner: DiBis! Saving you time and money in many ways.