This EOL page is a brief coverage of SOME of the EOL notifications that are valid for our customer base and customers in general.
    It is far from complete and based upon general market updates we feel may be interesting. Our product range is far too wide and complex to update all changes.
    Please contact us in case you want to have more information upon a product you want to use for a new design-in.

  • May 2018 – Discontinuation notification Intel D525 CPU

  • Please take note of the EOL notification. Should you be in need of CPU boards with this specific CPU, please contact us soon.
    We welcome the opportunity to help you upgrade to a new CPU solution.


    Product Advisory #1703. VL-EPIC-25 (Iguana)

  • March 29, 2018
    Product Advisory #1703. VL-EPIC-25 (Iguana)
    This is a formal notification that a product supplied by VersaLogic Corporation is being discontinued.
    Please read this notice thoroughly to determine what impact this change may have on future purchases of this product.

  • Affected Products
  • Details
    VersaLogic is discontinuing the product noted above. Key components used in this product are being discontinued by their manufacturers. There are no second sources or alternate parts available to replace these discontinued components.

    Customer Impact

    These products are being discontinued and are starting their phase-out period. Please note the ordering details below to plan for an adequate supply of product during the transition to a new product. Contact VersaLogic to discuss products that may provide a suitable migration path.

    Product Transition Period

    To ensure a smooth product transition for this product, please note the following:

    • Existing Orders: Orders placed before the date of this notice will remain in force and are not affected by this product EOL.
    • Availability from Stock: Off-the-shelf availability, at current pricing levels, will be maintained for 6 months following the date of this notice.
    • Last Time Buy: Every attempt will be made to support a last time buy order in the quantities required. Last time buy orders will be accepted within 6 months of the date on this notice. Deliveries must be taken within 18 months of this notice.
    • Product Life Extension Programs: A number of Product Life Extension programs are available from VersaLogic. These programs use a variety of approaches that can often extend product availability for many years.

    Please contact DiBis Digital B.V. for details on programs which are available for this product.