Nely Corporation

Let`s talk about LCD&LCM Solutions. From our start in 2002, NELY has become famous for its R&D ability, competitive prices, all-round services and speedy responses. With your requirements, your concerns or just your ideas, NELY will guide you through the passive LCD landscape and serve you the best solution.

Our effective quality control system has always been the most important advantage for NELY. Except for 100% visual inspection and electrical inspection, NELY pays much more attention to the durability test and consumption test. We live up to the expectation of customers all over the world. We are located in Bao’an, the logistic heart of Shenzhen.

NELY`s advantages:

  • Custom LCD Controller /software development
  • Low tooling charge and quick tooling process
  • Multi-color TN/STNS
  • Very low current /low voltage series
  • Excellent/flexible PCBA
  • Display mode: TN,STN,FSTN; Positive, Negative
  • Assembly technology: COB, TAB, COG, COF