Our focus is on becoming a full-service provider in accordance to the desire of the customer. When feasible under pre-discussed conditions, we set out to get the best product / service combination. Below some examples that may give you a clue of what this entails.

Case 1: Helping to decrease the quantity of incoming shipments.

A rapid growth at one of our customers got to be a burden on the purchasing and logistics department. Too many different suppliers with too many inbound shipments that all need to be monitored and relationships developed. Therefore the management of this company decided to outsource a great deal of the smaller orders and products with whom the purchasing department was less familiar with.

Our solution: starting with an open calculation program we took care of the separate components and integrated them into combined shipments with all the items that were needed per production run.
Furthermore we do an incoming goods inspection (test) and register the part numbers on date and quantity. When needed we take care of the whole RMA cycles including shipments to and from the supplier.

Case 2: Improving quality and component combination

This audio equipment manufacturer had always been in control of all the separate components and suppliers. However, the main component of their previous supplier turned out to have an increased failure rate after 2~3 years in the field while that factory didn’t have the means to improve.

Our solution: We sourced a factory in China who is willing and able to develop the display/PCB assembly, but also all the other items like a plastic frame and metal pins + holder so that the customer only have one supplier who takes care of the total package. Afterwards we also got involved in rubber keypad supply because the former supplier discontinued their activities.

Case 3: Industrial housing for agricultural system

This particular DiBis customer is very satisfied with our performance and pricing that even though they were able to source the housing directly, they decided to buy through DiBis. We went to visit the factory in Asia, set up an efficient shipment schedule and shipped from our EU warehouse in smaller quantities to avoid customer losing too much space in their warehouse.

Of course the above cases are not the only ones. Every customer has their own specific needs and requirements. With the above success stories in mind, we welcome to discuss the next project.