When talking about specials, it is a matter of definition on what is meant by this. In our experience, we find that (potential) customers often are introduced to the same products, yet with slight changes. What if you were able to outsource your display component solution with a total solution service that allows you to order a product that will be shipped in such a way that you can expedite directly off the shelf to your customers.

Several of our customers have found it very convenient to design their product and have the total assembly including packaging material, printing etc. done by DiBis or by one of DiBis’ suppliers. These total solutions involve:

  • Display / PCB assembly
  • Unit and shipping cartons with custom logo’s and labels
  • Plastic mounting brackets
  • Metal work
  • Custom manuals with only customer information
  • Full QC (quality check) reports
  • Full aftersales support (RMA service and reports)

Our shipping service options allow customers to benefit from the minimum of shipping movements. DiBis facilitates the following choices:

  • Shipping from DiBis Europe; either DDP or ex-warehouse
  • Shipping from DiBis Taiwan; ex-warehouse (outside of Taiwan)
  • Pick-up from the DiBis Taiwan warehouse
  • Pick-up from the DiBis logistic center in Shenzhen, China
  • Other options such as USA pick-up service upon request.