• Specials

    Standard products may not be suitable for certain demanding applications.
    A selection is available from the range of “specials” for harsh environments. These “specials” include features such as high brightness, extreme wide temperature range and fanless low power systems.

  • DISvue 7 inch TFT, IPS at low pricing

    Unique products with excellent performance at low pricing, who wouldn’t be interested. Of course we are always on the look out for these special offers where our customers can benefit from. Traveling in Asia, Europe and USA, we come across interesting deals that will be benefitial to our customers.

  • For instance this newly designed 7 inch TFT with IPS technology (very wide viewing angle) and 1024x600 dots that is available at lower cost than a standard TN version. We offer this type for a minimum of 3 years period (starting Dec. 2016) and is available at 550 nits brightness (standard) and optionally with a brightness of 1.000 nits.
    Interfacing is either LVDS or MIPI, the latest standard in driving TFT panels. Since 7 inch is a very common size, we can integrate all standard touch technologies. Standard is resistive 4-wire (R4W) and projected capacitive (PCAP) available, with integrated or separate control IC (board). Demo units are available incl. a VGA/DVI/HDMI controller board for easy evaluation.

    Since 7 inch is a very common size, we can integrate all standard touch technologies. Standard is resistive 4-wire (R4W) and projected capacitive (PCAP) available, with integrated or separate control IC (board).
    Demo units are available incl. a VGA/DVI/HDMI controller board for easy evaluation.

  • Full custom design panelPC with low power/low heat

    Some time ago we were contacted by a customer that designs systems for water treatment and level controls. They were looking to change over from a dedicated system to a panelPC solution. The main obstacle was the difference in price of a dedicated MPU system to a fully operational x86 platform. After searching and contacting many different suppliers of panelPC’s nobody could meet the mix of price, performance and customization. In close cooperation with the customer we were able to set up a configuration that was within budget and functionally according to all requirements.

  • With the targets in mind DiBis sourced suppliers for ePC’s, display + touch and metal work. The frame is built from stainless steel and the front is brushed aluminum. The whole design and assembly was done for a batch of only 50 pieces.
    Additionally the logo of the customer was silk screened on the aluminum front (not shown in this picture).

  • Audio control system

    One of our most comprehensive total solutions is for a Belgian customer. The original design is from a Dutch company which entails a control panel for audio in public areas or larger office buildings. The sole purpose of this unit is for a person to select the audio channel as well as the volume.
    Originally started with the supply of a display with integrated board assembly, it moved up to adding plastic housing, customized printed front patch and metal brackets and pins.
    To top this off, we supply the customer with a printed manual, individual custom printed carton packaging and overall custom printed shipping boxes.
    The individual packages contain the right amount of components and manual and have a product number and unique serial number according to customer’s requirements.

  • Organ control system

    In The Netherlands there are a number of organ builders. The specialty is to have the sound of a church organ in a home environment. The project at hand is a very unique organ that has the ability to emulate the sound of a multitude of organs worldwide. Starting with a standard tablet, they found that these product are not stable enough in both design and software, thus causing issues with continuity and servicing.

  • Turning to DiBis they had the following features in mind: a unit that allows easy integration, long term availability and no software issues. Taking the above in consideration, we developed a custom housing with a pre-installed DISvue® VGA/DVI/HDMI interfaceboard, an industrial 10.1. inch TFT panel with integrated resistive 4-wire touch to keep cost low and efficiency high. 

  • Professional video systems

    The other day DiBis was contacted by an Austrian company to offer a round OLED display of a specific brand and specifications. Fortunately our extensive sourcing network was able to help out resulting in a competitive quote. The displays are designed in a special video capture system, very high end and exclusive. Only OLED could display the true picture with ultra black due to the high contrast ratio, OLED pixel colors appear correct and unshifted by unmatched color saturation and the ability to display the vividest of images.
    Because this brand is not standard in our product range and the customer is not in the Benelux, the supply is directly from DiBis Taiwan, with regular support from DiBis in the Netherlands.

  • Agri systems

    As a rule of thumb, companies are looking for reliable and affordable components for their products. Customers turn to DiBis for a drop-in replacement of a component that is no longer available or because it is just too expensive.
    This project involved an agricultural fluid measurement system. The original design was with an off-the-shelf COG LCD with optional LED backlight. At one point the customer found that the display was suitable, however budget wise not feasible. Negotiations with this supplier led to nothing but disappointments.
    In our search for a workable solution we contacted a selection of our preferred suppliers to check the options, pricing and development cost (NRE). DiBis was able to send quotes on a short period of time and when the customer approved the proposal, the turnaround time for drawings, samples and initial pre-mass production stage was according to the previous quotes.

  • Storage unit

    In the persuit of finding a more elegant and cheaper solution, we were requested to develop an ARM CPU system that combined the best of both worlds. Our office in Taiwan managed the metal work and from the Dutch office we sourced the right suppliers.
    During the development the final customer eventually changed the whole concept, leaving us with the experience of designing a unique proto-type and sourcing opportunity. We believe this design is a jumping board for potential similar projects.