• TFT

    Visual feedback generated by displays is all around us, either mobile or in fixed applications. Indoor and outdoor we are surrounded by displays big and small. The current display (glass) suppliers have seen many new opportunities to serve us with the latest technologies ranging from very wide viewing angles and curved screens.

    Improved technologies are generated by the consumer market that is evolving further as we speak. Industrial market customers benefit from extended performance and long term availability. It is our privilege to source these kind of products that mix the best of both worlds.

  • The small size displays (1 inch and up) are very slim, narrow frame, bright and low power. Depending on the needs, they can be offered with wide temperature, high brightness and wide viewing angles.Several displays have more intelligent interfaces such as controller on board or integrated V-Com / T-Con board to save effort in development and assembly into the application.

    Should a semi-custom solution be required, DiBis – in close cooperation with our Taiwan office – can help out finding the right supplier for a competitive and technological interesting solution.

  • Digiwise • DISvue • Easttop Display