Core Values

We believe Trust is a key element in working smoothly together. Sharing information, especially when it concerns a new development, can be a tricky thing. Our main suppliers and development / assembly partners have already signed a standard NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Per project we can extend the content when needed.

Dibis and the environment

In this point and time everyone is convinced that we should do our best to preserve the planet for our future generations. At DiBis we optimize our shipments for CO2 reduction and avoid wasting packing material as much as possible. Besides that, all of our waste is sorted and a waste management company takes care of the little remaining waste that is left.


Electronic component and systems contain materials and metals that can be harmful for the environment when disposed improperly. The products that we supply are built according to the latest RoHS / WEEE directives. Returned products that are no longer suitable for usage are disposed of by professional waste management service companies.