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September 2022

Introduction: Industrial wide temp E-paper with touch

Recently the E-paper product range has been expanded with more wide temperature E-paper displays, ranging from roughly 1 inch to 8 inch.
An increasing number of E-paper displays are now fitted with standard PCAP touch for easy interfacing with users. The ultra-low-power displays which consume no energy when the content is shown, are suitable to be used in stand-alone applications with no external power supply. A small battery will do for the most system integrations. Data updating service is usually transmitted via low power Wi-Fi or possibly PoE connection.

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September 2022

Introduction: Interface board for TFT displays with optional light sensor

The DISvue label has released a new addition to the standard product line. It is a sophisticated and durable product, targeting outdoor applications.
The board has an add-on light sensor that dims the light output according to the ambient light intensity.
This makes the display more pleasant to look at in darker environments, allows longer LED backlight lifetime and is more energy efficient.
Various boards are fitted with this add-on feature, enabling the driving from medium size TFT to very large size TFT (60 inch or more).
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September 2022

Now available at DiBis Distribution: power supplies from Win-Tact

This specialized Taiwanese supplier for open frame power supplies fits DiBis well, as we are experienced at supplying finished components such as flat panel displays, touchscreens and embedded products.

A complete open frame power supply product-line which is suitable for applications with various input voltage ranges and different output power levels while meeting all industrial standard sizes and specifications.

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September 2022

DISvue – A trusted provider of low-power e-paper solutions

In cooperation with the original Taiwanese, DISvue offers service like design and manufacturing of e-paper displays that deliver high resolution, ultra-thin form factor, sunlight readability and ultra-low power consumption.

The factory supplies unparalleled technical support and detailed documentation to help designers use e-paper technology in Internet of Things (IoT) applications including retail, logistics, healthcare, security and manufacturing.

With the support of the factory, DISvue provides display only, but also display kits for Raspberry Pi interfacing.

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August 2022

DISvue® – embedded display solutions

Various industrial TFT displays are suitable to be linked to an embedded board solution. From this specific supplier the CPU is an ARM based Dual Core or Quad Core Cortec series or STM32 series. The customer is able to select the memory size for RAM and NAND Flash (SSD).

Depending on the board, the standard features are basic or extensive. Power supply either +12V DC; +24V DC or 110V ~ 230V AC and the display interface is LVDS and eDP. Other I/O are e.g. USB; WiFi/BT; CAN; Enet etc.

This solution is unique because it is available in metal frame and plastic frame.

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July 2022

DISvue – industrial panelPCs and rugged tablets

Customers with have specific needs for HMI are welcome to contact us. We have several quality driven suppliers, both in China and Taiwan. The specifications are as different as the requirements. There is a mountable or mobile solution for almost any imaginable application.

It may be a metal frame industrial monitor, a ruggedized tablet or a robust panelPC / HMI. 
The units start at 3.5 inch and go up to 50 inch or more.

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June 2022

Recent development – Hidden Displays

One of the more appealing display technologies are probably the “Hidden Displays”. This technology has been under development for a few years and it is finding a growing amount of applications, e.g. home appliances and automotive.

The aesthetic improvement has great potential to be both more power consuming and create a more restful environment for the human eye.

The touch functionality enables direct interfacing towards the user. This development has a lot of potential based upon existing and proven technology.

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April 2022

DISvue IPS TFT products

Today the focus on a 5.7 inch TFT for the industry.

DVT-6448-EN19A is a 5.7 inch IPS TFT wide viewing angle LCD-TFT module that supports LVDS interface. 
It operates at temperatures from -20~70℃ (storage temp. range -30~80℃). Touchscreens are available as an option as well as high brightness It is very suitable for embedded systems, POS, GPS, HMI, medical equipment, etc.

This product has a long term availability and therefore suitable for current design-in and replacement of older types (various brands).
Special requirements are offered as a semi-customized solution.

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March 2022

DISvue replacements for SQUARE dot 7 inch TFT

The 7 inch TFT display with 800×480 resolution and SQUARE pixel (AA: 152.4×91.44) is being widely used for industrial and medical applications. This TN open cell has been declared EOL and currently certain suppliers have sever delivery issues for this specific types. Considering the huge demand, one of our DISvue suppliers developed true compatible solutions based on both TN and IPS open cell.

  1. TN solution
    DVT-0700W-HN-VGLTUNN7 – replacing EDT

  2. IPS solution
    DVT-0700W-HN-VGLIFNN2R ==> replacing Ampire
    DVT-0700W-HN-VGLIFNN5R ==> replacing Ampire

We welcome your requests for mentioned 7 inch, we’ll provide compatible solutions, both as a standard or as a customized product.

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February 2022

4-port Gigabit Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Hub

DVR-400G-YD-D is a 4-port Gigabit Power Over Ethernet (PoE) PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) Hub. It provides triple protections of over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature on individual PoE port.

It supplies PoE power of up to 30W per port over existing LAN cable to power up IEEE802.3at/af standard network accessories or through PoE splitter for non-PoE devices such as wireless Access Point, IP Cam, IP Phone, Access Control, etc.

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January 2022

DISvue® – 10.1 inch TFT LVDS or RGB interface

These (semi-)industrial type of 10.1 inch TFT displays come with IPS technology and have a 1024×600 resolution incl. wide temperature. Despite the issues in the shortages, these displays are still well in supply (depending on total quantity).
Customization is supported for additional requirements such as touch integration, high brightness and mechanical dimensions.

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June 2021

Looking for reliable Mitsubishi alternatives?

With the extensive product range and partnerships of DISvue, we can provide you a total package of display solutions. In this case, a complete line-up for Mitsubishi alternatives.

The displays are not just selected for mechanical replacement, but als the optical characteristics, e.g.:

  • high brightness backlight
  • wide temperature
  • very long life LED backlight

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January 2021

PoE – wherever you need!

The PoE products we supply under the brandlabel DISvue PoE products of high quality. The products are developed, manufactured and supported from our trusted partner in Taiwan.

The PoE models include:

  • box size
  • wall mount
  • rack mount
  • open frame
  • customized (color, logo, shape, etc.)

We support full custom design including custom printed boxes, manuals and product stickers.

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July 2020

USB Open Frame Monitor

Unique and simple driving of a touch monitor by simply connecting USB A or USB B and 12V power!

Open Frame Monitors are regularly used in Kiosk, POS, touch control monitor and other industrial applications.
The USB Open Frame Monitor is designed to use USB controller solution connecting display and touch panel with single USB 3.0 Type-B cable.
We offer DPCT (PCAP) and other customization based on client’s demand with different features.
Besides USB Open Frame Monitor is featured in, the USB interface and other integrated design can also be applied for dual and multiple monitors.

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June 2020

Are you an RPi developer?

Or are you thinking of developing a quick turnaround solution with RPi? Then you may find it is not always easy to find the right kind of display to match with it.
Sure, there are options, but they are limited in versions and sizes or just too expensive.

Below our latest addition for RPi direct-connect solution without the use of the HDMI port. This 5 inch display will allow you to continue your development without any additional cost or engineering efforts.

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June 2020

Projected capacitive – durable, very few limitations, suitable for versatile applications

Projected CAPacitve touch has become the main touch solution in the last few years. Where it was facing challenges with moisture and gloves, now almost all of these objections have been dealt with.

Besides the advantages it already had:

-durable, no wear and tear
  • small to big size
  • very suitable for optical bonding

Recent developments have improved:

  • using with gloves (surgical and thick gloves)
  • usable behind thick cover glass
  • usable in combination of moisture and rain

Developing a dependable application? Want to protect your system from breaking and make sure it works now and in the long run? Contact the DiBis companies for more information

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Designated Projected Capacitive Touch

May 2020

Interactive display kits – easy from the shelf kits

Now that HDMI has become the standard, we provide a range of display products that are easey to integrate with just one board.
It has finger and glove activation, making them ready to use in advertising, factory automation and medical use.

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April 2020

The ULTIMATE legacy product – made in the USA!

When selecting CPU boards, some applications need over 10 year continuity, e.g. for industry or medical applications.
Versalogic has a proven track record of supplying and servicing their products with extreme long term. 

Curious how they do it?

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March 2020

New at DiBis: Full line-up capacitors from JB Capacitors Taiwan

With the continuous development of our activities with trusted partners, DiBis has decided to expand the product line-up with high end capacitors from JB in Taiwan.

JB Capacitors is a well-recognized supplier in the market for SMT and SMD type of capacitor products and has over 40 years’ experience in the market. Especially in the demanding Audio and Video market segment they have shown their added-value and professionalism.

For customers who wish to consider JB as alternative, we can easily found out our suggested product by the cross-reference lists.

The products carry quality and safety markings such as CE; UL; cUL; ENEC and VDE.

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JB Capacitors

February 2020

New at DiBis: Full line-up of Broadband Networking Solutions with a strong focus on PoE solutions.

The company has shown it’s added value in the product groups such as

  • xDSL Modems
  • E1/T1 Gateways
  • VoIP Gateways
  • PoE Switches
  • Fiber Switches
  • SDN 10G PoE Switches and
  • PoE to USB Type C devices

The products are found in data/voice/video application requirements.

Since PoE is getting more and more integrated in the digital signage market and industrial applications, DiBis has teamed up with this Taiwanese development and manufacturing company. Next to standard (office) solutions, the industrial product portfolio is being expanded rapidly.
We also welcome to work with you on custom solutions.

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November 2019

PRODUCT NEWS November 2018

DISvue OLED product range

DISvue is a broadline of a range of suppliers in the world, mostly Asia. For OLED we can rely on the support of 3 OLED display manufacturers with the focus on passive matrix OLED. There is the choice of monochrome, color area and full-color versions. OLED displays have an unrivaled contrast ratio, ultra wide viewing angle, very high response time regardless the ambient temperature and are ultra thin. For the industry there is a whole range of OLED displays that have the same outline dimensions of several popular LCDs.

The monochrome displays are available in the colors GREEN, BLUE, WHITE, YELLOW and RED, ranging from around 0.6 inch ~ 5.5 inch. The full color displays are mostly in the range of 1.0 inch ~ 3.5 inch.


  • BENDABLE OLED displays
  • PCAP touch options

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0.42 inch OLED with Brightness 430cd/m2

PRODUCT NEWS September 2018

Securing Embedded Systems by Versalogic

Security is a growing concern when designing embedded systems and their applications. Unfortunately, software-based security has proven to be easily exploitable. Combining hardware security with software gives you a root of trust.
Get the infographic (image on the right is the link) to understand how hardware security can be used to create a chain of trust in your application.

For further information in the Benelux-region about VersaLogic products with TPM contact DiBis Digital B.V.; contact (at)


Round TFT (Thin Film Transistor) with PCAP touch

This full round TFT display has an integrated projected capacitive touchscreen, aimed at the mobile and the wearable market. For special design products in low-noise applications in other fields of application this display may also prove its use, for example an electric bicycle monitor unit; a vending machine; a smart home terminal or even a high-end thermostat or professional camera system control.

Uniqueness of this panel is its size and the compactness including very wide viewing angle and it’s aimed at high end applications. End of October 2018 we will have a working demo unit.

This large size round TFT has the following specs (also see the PDF for drawing)

Bendable PMOLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode)

Bendable OLED displays are slowly but gradually moving into the display world of distribution. The start is careful and limited, but the first steps are made. In the future we expect bendable displays are there to stay. More and more mobile applications such as the next generation of foldable mobile phones will be the generator of more and more of such products.

OLED itself has specific benefits:

  • High Contrast Ratio
  • Wide Viewing Angle

  • Fast Response Time (no matter of the ambient temperature)

  • Thinner; Lighter; More Durable

  • Self-emitting pixels (no need of backlight)
  • Wide Operation Temp. (-20°C~60°C, suitable for most industrial applications)