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  • DISvue OLED product range


  • DISvue is a broadline of a range of suppliers in the world, mostly Asia. For OLED we can rely on the support of 3 OLED display manufacturers with the focus on passive matrix OLED. There is the choice of monochrome, color area and full-color versions. OLED displays have an unrivaled contrast ratio, ultra wide viewing angle, very high response time regardless the ambient temperature and are ultra thin. For the industry there is a whole range of OLED displays that have the same outline dimensions of several popular LCDs.

  • The monochrome displays are available in the colors GREEN, BLUE, WHITE, YELLOW and RED, ranging from around 0.6 inch ~ 5.5 inch. The full color displays are mostly in the range of 1.0 inch ~ 3.5 inch.


    • BENDABLE OLED displays
    • TRANSPARENT OLED displays
    • PCAP touch options

    Contact us www.dibis.eu for further information.

  • 0.42 inch OLED with Brightness 430cd/m2

  • Securing Embedded Systems by Versalogic

  • Security is a growing concern when designing embedded systems and their applications. Unfortunately, software-based security has proven to be easily exploitable. Combining hardware security with software gives you a root of trust.
    Get the infographic (image on the right is the link) to understand how hardware security can be used to create a chain of trust in your application.

    For further information in the Benelux-region about VersaLogic products with TPM contact DiBis Digital B.V.; contact (at) dibis.nl.


    Download infosheet

  • Round TFT (Thin Film Transistor) with PCAP touch

    This full round TFT display has an integrated projected capacitive touchscreen, aimed at the mobile and the wearable market. For special design products in low-noise applications in other fields of application this display may also prove its use, for example an electric bicycle monitor unit; a vending machine; a smart home terminal or even a high-end thermostat or professional camera system control.

    This large size round TFT has the following specs
    (also see the PDF for drawing):

  • Uniqueness of this panel is its size and the compactness including very wide viewing angle and it’s aimed at high end applications. End of October 2018 we will have a working demo unit.

    Download PDF here

  • Bendable PMOLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode)

    Bendable OLED displays are slowly but gradually moving into the display world of distribution. The start is careful and limited, but the first steps are made. In the future we expect bendable displays are there to stay. More and more mobile applications such as the next generation of foldable mobile phones will be the generator of more and more of such products.

  • OLED itself has specific benefits:

    • High Contrast Ratio
    • Wide Viewing Angle

    • Fast Response Time (no matter of the ambient temperature)

    • Thinner; Lighter; More Durable

    • Self-emitting pixels (no need of backlight)
    • Wide Operation Temp. (-20°C~60°C, suitable for most industrial applications)

  • Bi-Stable LCD – new product development introduction

    Our long-term business partner Easttop Display has recently developed a new version of Bi-Stable displays.
    With the aim to create more competitively priced products, these displays are slightly different in technology and construction. And because they are the propriety of Easttop Display, the continuity and support is easier to achieve. Besides these advantages even a full custom version is now relatively much more affordable.

    A small series of displays (e.g. 128x64) was recently introduced and more are to follow in the future. For more information, please contact us.

  • Introduction to EMP touch technology

    • 2048 pressure levels => Strokes differ by input pressure;

    • Palm rejection => EMP only enables E-pen touch;

    • Simultaneously => Compared to writing pad, EMP display enables simultaneous action of touch and vision;
    • Tilt Range: 60° => Wide Range of Touch Sense;

    • Battery-free E-pen => Battery-free E-pen reduces lighter writing experience, worry free of battery storage and costs much less.


  • Direct replacement for AUO G150XTN0 6.0.


    For many years, DiBis has supported many TFT products, both small and mid-size. Gradually the market is shifting between the standard display suppliers (mostly Mainland China) and specialized suppliers (mainly Taiwan, Japan and Korea).

    This means that some products are being phased-out or the pricing is adjusted to target “premium custromers”. For those customers that have a strong desire not to change technical and mechanical specifications in existing products or are in need of well-priced larger size displays, we welcome you to contact us for our latest addition DVT-150N-VN-B01D01-Y02 to see if our option is suitable for your application(s). For further details on technical specifications, pricing and availability, please contact our sales team.




    In the industrial world it can be a challenge to drive a TFT display from an existing port, e.g. SPI. Although SPI is a great addition to the interconnection spectrum, usually it will only drive small size TFT displays which are commonly without any driver ICs.

    Bolymin – as specialist in display solutions – has introduced a new series of displays that solve 2 potential problems in 1!

    SPI interfacing:
    The display series (3.5 inch; 4.3 inch and 5.0 inch) accepts SPI interface for both display and touchscreen. Moreover each display comes with a dedicated software guide on how to use all integrated special features.

    Assembly / integration:
    Basic TFT products may vary in time in dimensions due to the ever changing down-sizing of components. Therefore Bolymin chose to integrate the TFT glass (and optional touch) onto a PCB and bezel, eliminating the problems in the long term for dimension changes.
    As a bonus the PCB enables the customer to integrate the display every easy by mounting via the mounting holes in the PCB.

    For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.




    Advantages of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB over Windows 10 Pro

  • Win 10 IoT Ent LTSB is a great O/S choice for industrial and embedded computers

    • No more forced Windows updates
    • Lower licence cost for low to mid performance systems
    • Embedded features ‘ruggedise’ the O/S
    • 10+ year availability & worldwide shipping
    • Compatible with software written for Windows 10 Pro


  • Tiny Pico-ITX boards support latest Intel CPUs & offer connector-free design

    Axiomtek’s new range of 100x72mm boards support latest high performance Kaby Lake ULV CPUs and low power Apollo Lake processors

    • PICO312 - low power CPU & 2 x Mini PCIe slots
    • PICO313 - low power CPU & pin-header design
    • PICO512 - 7th Gen Core i3/i5/i7 CPU and -20°C to 70°C operation
    • PICO511 - 7th Gen Core i3/i5/i7 CPU with pin-header design

    Embedded boards with Win IoT are available via DiBis Digital B.V. The Netherlands / Taipei.



    Release of the "Liger"—a new high-performance PC/104-Plus™ Single Board Computer (SBC).

  • Based on Intel's new Kaby Lake high performance processor, Liger combines high performance processing and high performance video with moderate power consumption (12 to 14W typical). It features hardware-level security using an on-board Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security chip, and backwards compatibility with systems using PC/104-Plus (ISA or PCI) expansion.

  • Release of the "Viper"—a new high-performance EBX Single Board Computer (SBC).

    The Viper board leverages Intel's E3800 BayTrail System on Chip (SoC) and provides capabilities not found in previous EBX products including:

    • On-board TPM (Trusted Platform Module) security chip
    • USB 3.0 port
    • 16 GB RAM capacity
    • Flexible voltage input (5V or a wide input 9 to 15V).

  • Based on the industry-standard EBX form factor (5.75 x 8 inches), it is an excellent solution for industrial and medical applications that need an EBX-format solution, considerable on-board I/O, and advanced processing power.

    Long-term Availability

    The Liger and Viper is covered by VersaLogic's 5+ year availability guarantee and a 5-year product warranty. VersaLogic's Life Extension program typically keeps each technology generation available for 10+ years. Customization services to help customers create unique solutions are available for the Liger, even in low OEM quantities.
    Customization options include manufacturing to Class 3 specifications, conformal coating, BIOS customization, revision locks, custom labeling, high-G shock and vibration treatment, and custom testing and screening. The Liger is fully RoHS compliant.

    Liger DataSheet: https://versalogic.com/Products/PDF/DS-Liger%20EPM-43.pdf
    Viper DataSheet: https://versalogic.com/Products/PDF/DS-Viper%20EBX-38.pdf

    All products from Versalogic are available via DiBis Digital B.V. The Netherlands / Taipei.



    Reacting to the marketing request, PERFECTRON launches lightweight projected capacitive all-in-one touch Panel PC – MeD series, looking forward to support medical-grade imaging display. 

    PERFECTRON’s MeD series, with their flexibility in size and multi-optional function, can be widely used in hospital, from information center, Kiosk, nursing station, to bedside infotainment terminal, providing a satisfying patient-centered environment.
    We, PERFECTRON, possess high self-motivation for non-stop achievement and innovation toward better solution, pursuing more intelligent and more guaranteed service. Medical healthcare, from then till now, constantly progresses its overall operation, from technical level to working efficiency and accuracy. 

    All products from Perfectron are available via DiBis Digital B.V. The Netherlands / Taipei.




    Recent development: YELLOW Active Matrix Electrophoretic Display(AM EPD)

  • Under the brand label DISvue new version datasheets are available of the standard AMEPD (E-Paper) from 1.54" to 4.2" in B/W mode. The basic changes as below:

    • Document.format
    • Add Partial update code
    • Add packing instruction
    • Frequency change to 50HZ to reduce the consumption

    B/W/R mode is under development. Please contact our sales directly for further updates.

    All products by DISvue are available via DiBis Digital B.V. The Netherlands / Taipei.