For those applications that are in need of processing capacity, it is possible to choose from basic solutions on “credit card” size up to full functional all-in-one embedded boards with either ARM based or x86 based CPUs.

ARM based boards are relatively low cost, low power and thus low heat and low profile. Board products from our suppliers are available as a standard product, but semi-custom design is an option that is quite commonly requested.

The interface from board to display and touchscreen are part of our service where cables are shipped according to the requirements from our customers based upon the specifics of the application.

Added value from our companies involve:

  • On board CPU options with cooling (with fan or fanless)
  • On board memory; DRAM, Compact Flash, Micro SD, mPCIe socket types etc.
  • Pre-installed OS (Android, Linux, Yocto, Windows)
  • Additional ports (RS232/422/485, USB, LAN + WiFi, BT, GPIO, CAN, 3G/4G etc.)
  • Cable sets
  • Display integration (incl. update VBIOS)
  • Touch controller set up

In principal all boards have CE and FCC approval and are according to current RoHS standards.

Additionally to only boards, we commit to standard and custom metal work to create rear mount solutions with or without display integration or stand-alone boxPC systems that can work with e.g. desktop or more industrialized (touch-)monitors.
Box-PC units are suitable to be designed with a specific color, logo, stamp, product label, mounting brackets, silk screening (e.g. indications for ports) and so on. The material choices are regular metal, stainless steel and aluminum. The custom design house in Taiwan has much experience in developing a fitting product within a short turn-around time. We also refer to our PC systems page.