Now, what are electronic components and systems without proper power units? Our whole product portfolio depends on reliable and stable power which we provide in different segments. We take pride in representing a range of DIN-rail units as well as external and internal power supplies that are designed to power up the units or systems of your choice.

Some of the features of these power supplies are:

  • DIN rail mounting
  • External adapters
  • Internal power supplies
  • High efficiency and high density ranging up to 3000W
  • High reliability (MTBF)
  • PM Bus feature
  • Low ripple and low noise
  • Wide temperature
  • Redundant units (hot swappable)
  • Dual power input (DC and AC)
  • Back-up battery (on-line)

Power is usually sourced from the electricity grid because it is easy and relatively cheap. For outdoor applications where the power lines are more remote or too expensive to extent, we suggest the use of high reliable and customizable solar panels. These panels are commonly found in low power information displays (e.g. transport info boards) and areas where potential pollution is targeted to be drastically decreased.
These Taiwan made solar panels are very high efficiency types, offered in different colors and can be made to different sizes and shapes for your convenience. These panels are made into frames that are easy to mount and have a direct cable connection to connect to a battery or directly to the system.