For interactive use of products, we mostly rely on touch solutions. Intuitive and “language free” control by a fingertip. Often the resistive and capacitive touch panels are used. Both have made drastic changes in the last decade. Available in 4,5 and 8 wire and with coatings or optical enhancements, resistive touch supports all stylus inputs, even multi-touch. Projected capacitive touch has increased it’s features to adopt the use with gloves and other inputs such as pen and currently up to 16 inputs at the same time.

    For other requirements we offer IR touch, SAW touch and touch foil (mostly for larger objects).


    • OCA = Optical Clear Adhesive, also known as “dry bonding”.
    • OCR = Optical Clear Resin, for optimal quality and performance.
    • DSA = Double Sided Adhesive, only contact material around the sides.
  • PCAP touch with coverlens
    PCAP touch with coverlens
  • Touch tail options
  • EETI PCAP touch controller boards
  • PCAP touch w/o coverlens + touch controller board
  • Product enhancements

    Touch products can be exposed to harsh environments, typical for industrial or unattended outdoor applications.They may need additional adjustments to make them fit for a specific use. For those demanding requirements we provide:

    • Heavy Duty (HD) touch with 9H hardness
    • Low reflective (LR) – less than 1.5%
    • High Light Transmission (HLT) – 85%~90% tranmissivity
    • Antiglare / clear touch surface
    • UV stable (outdoor)
    • Chemical resistant etc
  • DISvue • DigiWise