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When using TFT displays in combination with a PC or ARM based CPU board, it may come in handy to have a direct control interface to the display of choice. For most displays from the size of 5.7 inch and up we have the right tools to connect to a common video port, e.g. VGA, DVI or HDMI.

It doesn’t matter much if the display’s original signal input is either:

  • TTL / RGB
  • Video
  • LVDS
  • MIPI or
  • eDP

For most of the common displays we have a ready to go solution. For the less common displays we can develop the driver electronics by updating the VBIOS, FirmWare, cable set or other control signals. If you can accept a current developed solution it will of course save you time and some money.
Our preferred supplier DigiWise has developed a small size integrated HDMI board with LED driver board to directly drive the display kit from a small embedded board like Raspberry Pi to a sophisticated rack PC system.

It is also very well possible to drive a display directly from an embedded board if the board supplier has designed accordingly. Often a dedicated data (and LED power) cable are sufficient, but in some cases we need to develop a specific small PCB to make a reliable and workable solution. In the past we have made a great number of such cable sets.

Interface kits consist of:

Interface kits consist of:

  • Interface board
  • Cable kit
  • OSD control PCB
  • LED driver board (if necessary)
  • Power adapter (optional)

Semi-custom and full-custom options

Various configurations