Display kits are a combination of display and interactivity. By enhancing displays with a touchscreen a “language free” combination is created. Such kits are suitable for narrow casting circuits, point-of-interest interactive systems or vending machines.

    Most displays are not ready-to-use like a desk top monitor. But in combination with an intelligent board (Intel or ARM based), it can operate on a stand-alone basis. Our office in Taiwan coordinates the necessary display integration, cable confection and (sub)-assembly. Imagine being able to profit from easy assembly by professionals at low cost and having product combinations shipped to you for direct integration into your system.

  • Below a number of interface kits:

    • TFT LCD + MCU Interface
    • TFT LCD + AV Driver Board
    • AV/VGA Driver Board
    • Single VGA Driver Board
    • DVI+VGA Driver Board
    • HDMI+VGA+AV Board
    • HDMI+DVI+VGA Board
    • LVDS to TTL Board
    • Video Converter Board
    • TV Board
    • Touch Panel + Interface Board
  • DISvue • Forenex