• OLED

    OLED displays are targeted to replace LCD and TFT displays since the optical characteristics are an improvement over passive and most active matrix LCD technologies.

    Because OLED is a bright light-emitting technology, it has an unrivalled image in contrast and viewing angle, combined in a super flat and compact package. For a number of applications OLED has also overtaken LCD technology based displays in price.

    OLED displays are unique in performance. Displays are developed to directly replace LCD modules at competitive pricing.

  • Currently OLED is still growing towards the industrial market. Monochrome types are available as COG and COB type. Most of the full color OLED displays can be found in COG package.

    OLED is mostly available with PCAP (projected capacitive) touch only. Customization is not common yet for the glass design, but PCB changes are available upon request.


    • High brightness and contrast
    • Ultra-wide viewing angle (>89°)
    • Low power
    • Solid state technology
    • Rapid response time
  • DISvue • Bolymin • Pitek