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OLED has been named the future of displays for over a decade now. It has shown a lot of potential and the number of applications are increasing, thus creating an increase of available technologies and sizes. At this point LCD and TFT are not all going to be replaced by OLED, but the annual worldwide OLED turnover has increased yearly with staggering numbers.

The OLED technology has unmatched contrast and viewing angles, outperforming all other technologies available as well as extreme high resolution without any cross-talk or fading. Furthermore the ultra-compact design makes it easy to be used into almost any kind of design. It is very attractive in visibility and has several standard colors to choose from. And let’s not forget the full color display designs, often driven by high end consumer solutions.
Another advantage to liquid crystal display products is that OLED has the highest response time, both in low and high temperature.

The product range involves:

  • Monochrome COG displays
  • Monochrome COB displays with many direct LCD drop-in replacement types
  • Color COG displays
  • Extreme temperature types (-40 ⁰C ~ 90 ⁰C or more) for e.g. automotive applications
  • Flexible / bendable display types
  • Transparent displays (segment type / graphic types)

In the past a custom OLED design used to come with an extreme high MOQ (minimum order quantity) and very high NRE charge (non-recurring engineering cost). More recently the volume limitations have dropped and so did the NRE, making it easier for (semi-) industrial mass production applications.