In addition to displays that need intelligent interfacing, there are also products that are direct plug-in to a host or have a microprocessor integrated. Customers can have a high level of integration available as a standard product. The smart displays are available as LCD/OLED or TFT.

    The cost effective entry level devices for simple applications are equipped with the necessary basic I/O functions. Applications that don’t need high power processor speeds we offer the right product at reduced cost and quick time-to-market.

    Only slightly thicker than regular TFT displays, the units offer functionality that are needed to operate as a “slave” unit for hosts without the need for high speed data transfer or fear of loss of data over longer distances.

  • When your application is demanding smart solutions without all the issues of development from scratch, look for the products we marked with the Connect & Create® logo.

    These solutions consist of a plug & play principle and come with a complete set of manufacturer software development tools (SDKs) and an extensive manual including programming examples.

  • Bolymin • Forenex • IC-Nexus